“Two Sides of World”

RYOHO SEKAI (両方世界)│2K│Documentary│2022│Taiwan, Japan│120 mins

2019 Tokyo Docs, Selected Project


A long-term observational documentary of the Youth Corps of Taiwanese Japanese in Ishigaki Island- the descendants of “Yaeyama Taiwanese” who were once referred to as “the stateless people” in the Okinawa history. The film follows their youth ages together with their fathers and sons.



Hundreds of descendants of Taiwanese pineapple farmers recruited by Japanese Government in the 1930’s, still live on Ishigaki Island. A dozen of young third generation of immigrants, started to perform traditional dragon dance at Ishigaki festivals. They tried to imagine and understand their identity. They have only been established for over a year now faces disintegration, being forced to invite Japanese to be in. Are they strong enough to carry on the history of eighty years? This is the summer of 2013-2022, it is a changing time for those young Taiwanese Japanese who are in their young ages growing up to be fathers.



Director, Producer: Huang Yin-yu

Cinematographer: Nakatani Shungo

Production: Moolin Films, Ltd. & Moolin Production, Co., Ltd.