“A World Imagined”

A World Imagined│4K│Documentary│2022│Argentina, Taiwan│90 mins


The Taiwanese immigrated to Argentina in 70s, after 50-years hard working in the foreign country, they left their family behind and back to Taiwan. Have they ever been left?



The long distances between countries and the nostalgia toward Taiwan make the Taiwanese returning emigrants an unique part on the history of immigration. The first generations arrived at Argentina to seek a better life but left their family in Argentina and through the roots back to Taiwan after their retirements. Nevertheless, some of the Taiwanese second and third generations who born in Argentina chose to back to Taiwan for searching their family’s roots after becoming adults. Through filming and producing this documentary, to entering the deep inside of these Taiwanese immigrants and consider the mental and spiritual part of their heart: where is the boundary, where is their home? And how we people identify ourselves nowadays?



Director, Producer: Marcos Guillermo Rodríguez

Co-producer: Huang Yin-yu, Pablo Mazzola

Line Producer: Jane Lin

Production: Notlob Producciones

Co-production: Moolin Films, Ltd.