2 projects will be presented in Japan and Taiwan, 1 film participated in post-production will be World Premiere!

November as the fruity autumn, many projects have been tied again with Moolin Production this year.
Although the severe situation of COVID-19 occurring globally, we are still positive and pleasant to announce the work-in-progress projects and related film works of Moolin Production.

First of all, we would like to share the news of fiction feature film project “Black Cattle.”

“Black Cattle” is a long-awaited project directed by TSUTA Tetsuichiro, the director of “The Tale of IYA.” The executive producer is ICHIYAMA Shozo, who has produced a number of masterpieces. Eric Nyari, the producer of “Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA” will be the co-producer in USA side. And HUANG Yin-yu also as the co-producer in both Taiwan and Japan side.

This film project is selected in “Main Project of Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP)” of Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2020! The film festival will be held in Taipei, Taiwan in late November.

We will release more information when it’s ready in the near future.

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Next, we would like to introduce the documentary film “Close To The Bone (working title)” produced by Moolin Production.

This project is currently starting as the first feature documentary which directed by OKUMA Katsuya from Okinawa.

Director OKUMA turned his camera to film the man who unearthing and collecting the remains of war victims of the Battle of Okinawa over 30 years.“Am I qualify enough to claim myself as the bereaved family of war victims? This project began with the question that wondering by director himself, is a film that inherits the memory of the Battle of Okinawa.

“Close To The Bone (working title)” is one of the selected project of 2020 Tokyo Docs Master Class, and will participate in the main pitching of Tokyo Docs 2020 which will be held in early November.

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Selected Projects

Last, we’re happy to announce that the film we participated in post-production (color correction), “Okinawa Santos” (90 mins, 2020) which directed by MATSUBAYASHI Yoju, is selected in the competition section of TOKYO FILMeX 2020!

The World Premiere of the film will be held during the festival in early November. It’s a documentary features the Okinawan immigrants in Brazil, revealing the hidden historical relationship between Okinawa islands and Brazil. Hope we’ll see the film in cinemas soon!

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