HUANG Yin-yu Director / Producer

  • Huang Yin-yu was born in Taitung, Taiwan, and now lives in Okinawa. He received his BA in Radio & Television from National Chengchi University, and MA in Film Major of Tokyo Zokei University.

    He began documentary filmmaking in 2010 and since then has completed several short-form documentaries, including “Temperature at Nights” (2013) which is selected in the international competition of Visions du Réel; and “YAMAMORI” (2014), a part of an omnibus project produced by Naomi Kawase for Nara International Film Festival.

    He founded Moolin Films, Ltd. (Taiwan) in 2015, later Moolin Production, Co., Ltd. (Japan) in 2019. Based in both Okinawa and Taipei, he produces documentaries and participates international film projects. His first feature film, “After Spring, the Tamaki Family…” (2016) was theatrical released in Taiwan and Japan; and was selected in Taipei Film Festival, DMZ Docs, Hawaii International Film Festival and other festivals. The latest film “Green Jail” (2021) was selected in the “Doc Station” of Berlinale Talents 2015, and received the grand prize of “Pitching du Réel” in 2015 of Visions du Réel. The film will be theatrical released in Japan and Taiwan in 2021.

    Now Huang works as not only a director, but also a producer, coordinator, and festival director. He is one of the “Emerging Producers 2020” of Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival as Taiwanese representative. Since 2020, he started to distribute foreign documentaries in Japan. He’s also the director of programing of “Cinema at Sea- Ishigaki Island International Film Festival” in Okinawa.


NAKATANI Shungo Cinematographer / Production Manager

  • Born in Toyama, Japan. Graduated from Film Major of Tokyo Zokei University, Nakatani Shungo has been collaborated with director Huang Yin-yu since 2014 in documentary filmmaking, and became the cinematographer of his “Wild Mountains over the Sea” trilogy. They worked together in Huang’s 1st and 2nd feature documentary “After Spring, the Tamaki Family…” (2016) and “Green Jail” (2021). He was also the cinematographer of several Japanese indie films which has been selected into domestic festivals for emerging filmmakers such as Pia Film Festival, Image Forum Festival, and Fukuoka Independent Film Festival. In 2019, he becomes the representative of Moolin Production, Co., Ltd., mainly responsible for cameraman and production work, as well as post-production and color-grading field.


So SUGAYA Associate Producer / Promotion Personnel

  • Born in 1987 in Hokkaido, Japan. Graduated from University of the Ryukyus, and received MA of the College of Liberal Arts at National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan, So Sugaya focuses on fine art and literary works since college, and received awards for poems in Okinawa. He also worked in the mini theater “Sakurazaka Theater” in Okinawa. After few years living in Taiwan, he joined Moolin Production in Okinawa since 2019. He’s also in the executive committee of “Barrak Art Book Fair” and “Cinema at Sea- Ishigaki Island International Film Festival”.


Yvonne Fu Producer

  • Narrative film and documentary producer. In addition to production managing documentary content for international networks, Yvonne also worked as a line producer and on-site translator for an intercontinental documentary project. Currently focusing on film development and production fundraising. After living in Europe, America, and Beijing for several years, she’s now temporarily residing in Taiwan.


Mon Cher Ho Assistant Director / Editor

  • Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from National Chengchi University, Mon Cher Ho is an independent filmmaker dedicated to filming in theater, dance theatre and documentary field with his strong interest in filmmaking. He learned film editing from Bowen Chen, one of the famous editors worked with Edward Yang, and has been collaborated with director Huang Yin-yu since university. His dance short film “Chasser” (2017) was selected in Bucharest International Dance Film Festival. In “Green Jail” (2021), he worked as editor and assistant director.

LIN Wen-chun Assistant Producer

  • Born in 1994 in Tainan, Taiwan and now lives in Okinawa. Lin received her B.A. in International Affairs of Wenzao University of Languages ans her M.A. in International & Regional Studies of Niigata Prefecture University. As a descendant with Japanese roots, she wrote about the identity transformation of Wansei, the Taiwan born Japanese in the colonial period as her B.A. thesis. Her M.A. thesis is about the diaspora identity and the social construction of Hikiagesha from Manchuria. She joined Moolin Production in Okinawa since 2020.