“Visa-Exempt Entry”

Visa-Exempt Entry│VR 360│Short│2021│Taiwan, Japan│15 mins

2020 “Short Form Station” of Berlinale Talents


A VR project located in villages by the sea, following the mysterious, often unwanted people stranding on the shore.



“Ghost boats” from North Korea have appeared in small villages in Japan; immigrants from Yemen have arrived on Jeju Island, Korea, since the low-cost airline LCC launched flights in 2017; and a man swam from Xiamen, China, to Kinmen Island, Taiwan, on a handmade boat. In 2019, in the same island, dead pigs suffered from African Swine Fever, floated to the seashore. These unknown “subjects” are investigated by the police or the government. For the villagers and the public, they have always left lots of mystery in the town. This VR work will be a hybrid form with documentary and fiction, archive material and re-enactment.



Director, Producer: Huang Yin-yu

Cinematographer: Nakatani Shungo

Production: Moolin Films, Ltd. & Moolin Production, Co., Ltd.